Things to Do Before Installing a New Water Heater

Hot water heaters are essential in every home, although not all homeowners are well-versed on when their water heater should be replaced. Here are some helpful things to do before contacting your Charlotte NC plumbing contractor.

Assess your Heater

Take some time to learn what type of water heater you currently have installed in your home. Gas and electric are the two most popular versions while tankless heaters are not as common. If you are not certain what type you have, a vent pipe coming out of the heater and exiting the house is an indication of a gas heater. Also, be sure to identify…

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Charlotte Plumbing

Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Installation and Repair, Toilet Repair, New Construction

At Ammons Superior Plumbing we strive to exceed our customer expectations. We provide 24 hour plumbing service, emergency service and can handle any aspect of plumbing. As a family run company we guarantee that we will always be dependable and trustworthy. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and develop relationships that will continue throughout years to come.
When you have a Charlotte plumbing need we are the plumbers you can trust. We can assist anyone from homeowners to large commercial businesses. We have three different divisions within our company. We have a service division that takes care of all residential and commercial service needs. We have a water main division that is committed solely to outside sewer and water main repairs. And finally, we have a division that is dedicated solely to residential and commercial new construction and remodels.
Ammons Superior Plumbing is the #1 tankless water heater installer in the area and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. We pride ourselves on being diverse and being capable of complete plumbing service. Looks for our trucks in your area; at Ammons Plumbing we want to be your neighborhood plumber in Charlotte NC.

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Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Most home repair is usually not welcomed by homeowners. After all, it means more money out of their own pockets. When it comes to plumbing, here are some helpful tips from that homeowners can use to save money through the course of every season.

Toilet Clogs

Many times, toilet paper is actually the…

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How Upgrading Plumbing Can Save You Money

Most people wait until something ceases to function properly within the home before they decide to fix it or call a service for repair. However, a lot of money can be saved by upgrading your plumbing before they reach the end of their lifespan or become worse problems later on. Charlotte’s top Plumbing Contractor is here’s a look at what kind of upgrades can put more money in your pocket and less into repairs that you can avoid in the future


Identifying a Leak in Your Bathroom

To the untrained eye, it is not always easy to detect where a water leak is coming from in the bathroom. There are some signs to look for and specific areas to check in order to identify the exact cause of the problem. Here are some helpful hints to identify a water leak in your bathroom.

The Warning Signs

There are visible signs that you have a problem with leaking water in the bathroom. First, look for any damage to the floor, such as cracking or buckling, as well as any damage to the walls. Warping in the wall is a sure sign that there is a problem. Also, check for stains on the ceiling of the room underneath your bathroom. Mold often grows when there are leaks and mildew can leave an unpleasant smell. Any unfamiliar odors is another telling sign.

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Advantages of Tankless Water Heater for Your Charlotte Home or Business

hot water heater for shower

Tankless water heaters have become the wave of the future. Installing one of these models can provide homeowners with a tremendous amount of benefits. Here’s a look at the advantages you can expect from hiring a Charlotte plumbing contractor for tankless water heater installation inside your home.

Longer Life

The warranties on tankless heaters exceed that of tank water heaters. Those warranties usually span anywhere…

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Hot Water Heater Noises That Indicate Repair Is Needed

There are several indicators that will let you know it’s time to repair your hot water heater. However, these indicators will not always show visible signs. Listen closely as certain types of noises are warning signs that your hot water heater is in need of repair. Ammons Superior Plumbing Service of Charlotte shares these warning sounds.

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Important Things to Know About Hot Water Heater Installation

PrintAll homeowners are not expected to know how to install a hot water heater on their own. However, there are some everyday essentials that can benefit homeowners when it comes to the hot water heater replacement process. Here’s a look at some of the most important things to know.

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Kitchen Drain Clogging Problems

Kitchen sinks have become a useful part of everyday life within any household. However, some people neglect the importance of proper maintenance of their kitchen sink. Here are some simple tips to follow from Ammons Superior Plumbing Services of Charlotte to keep your kitchen sink free from drain clogs which might bring forth any unnecessary plumbing bills.

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Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

hot water heater for showerFor any home owner seeking to install a water heating system, tankless water heaters are the premium choice since they have revolutionized water heating. Installing a tankless water heating system will solve your troubles and bring about wonderful benefits. Below are some of the examples of advantages you can anticipate once you install a tankless water heater in your home.

Continuous Hot Water
Once you install a tankless water heating system, you will never run out of hot water while in the middle of a shower. Tankless heaters are convenient and water is heated as is demanded. While using conventional tank water heaters, the tank capacity limits the amount of water that can be heated and therefore once the supply runs out, you will have to wait. With tankless water heater solutions, you will never have to wait again.

Longer Life
Taking a comparison of the warranties, tankless heaters warranties surpass those for tank water heaters. Tank water heaters are limited to a span of 5-10 year warranties while tankless heaters warranties will range between 10-15 years. Nevertheless, if you experience problems and you require any tankless water heater repair services, Ammons Superior Plumbing is just a phone call away for solutions to any and all problems quickly and completely.

Savings on Energy
The outstanding efficiency of tankless water heaters is unquestionable. Tankless water heaters will use electricity, gas or propane to only heat the water that will be used, as opposed to heating all the water in your tank. Homeowners will immediately realize a significant drop in monthly energy bills once they install and use tankless water heater.

Save Additional Space
With the conventional tank water heaters, in order to meet your demand for hot water, you will have to use a large tank. These large tanks end up occupying large spaces and congest basement areas, depriving homeowners of their living and storage space. Tankless water heater systems are quite compact and can therefore be easily mounted on a wall, giving homeowners more room.

Reduced or No Damage
A faulty water heater tank can cause a lot of mess and damage since water spills out and destroys your home and other apparatus. A tankless heater system will never leak and will therefore protect your home and the items in it.
More Safer Water

Since they do not store water, tankless heaters will ensure there is no accumulation of rust that might tarnish your water supply. For additional safety, various tankless water heating models have safety devices to ensure water coming out of the faucet does not get too hot.

Easier Construction
Construction of new homes is made highly maneuverable with the use of tankless heaters. Their implementation has been easy for builders and this also explains why tankless heaters are the more popular choice in most new homes. With our experience and as professional Charlotte Plumbing Contractor, we have installed countless tankless heaters with total success and satisfaction from our clients.

Are you contemplating installing a tankless water heater? For the best solutions in the market, Ammons Plumbing is here for you. Our experienced service technicians are able to install and repair all kinds of water heaters as they bring all the advantages of tankless water heater to your home.