Charlotte Plumbing

Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Installation and Repair, Toilet Repair, New Construction

At Ammons Superior Plumbing we strive to exceed our customer expectations. We provide 24 hour plumbing service, emergency service and can handle any aspect of plumbing. As a family run company we guarantee that we will always be dependable and trustworthy. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and develop relationships that will continue throughout years to come.
When you have a Charlotte plumbing need we are the plumbers you can trust. We can assist anyone from homeowners to large commercial businesses. We have three different divisions within our company. We have a service division that takes care of all residential and commercial service needs. We have a water main division that is committed solely to outside sewer and water main repairs. And finally, we have a division that is dedicated solely to residential and commercial new construction and remodels.
Ammons Superior Plumbing is the #1 tankless water heater installer in the area and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. We pride ourselves on being diverse and being capable of complete plumbing service. Looks for our trucks in your area; at Ammons Plumbing we want to be your neighborhood plumber in Charlotte NC.

Services Include:

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